Exposant : Audiospot


AudioSpot provides location, guidance and proximity information on visitors smartphone, depending on their profile and location.
It allows establishement, facilities and institutions :
• To comply with the laws on accessibility (winner of the 2015 accessibility trophy) with information tailored to each handicap: audio mode for blind and visually impaired indicating dangers, obstacles and directions as well as providing intercom facilities; visual mode for deaf and partially deaf people and audio-visual mode for all, with comprehensive maps for outdoor or indoor navigation
•To broadcast practical and dynamic proximity information on services, activities and current events together with cultural and tourist information, with content tailored to each individual visitor profile and language (multilingual audio-guide).

We are a young start-up, part of réseau Entreprendre and French Tech, with rewards such as "les trophées de l’accessibilité 2015"and "l’étoile Observeur du design" in 2015, and "ID argent au palmarès Digital Innovation" in 2016 with reference such as Mairie de Paris (Nuit Blanche 2015 and 2016, botanic gardens), château de Versailles, and national Sport Museum in Nice.