Exposant : City Scoot


Bertrand Fleurose Founder & CEO With his knowledge of the sector and his passion toward technology and innovation, he brings together a team around his project and creates Cityscoot the same year. The Cityscoot team Talented and passionate engineers: Our engineers are always on the look for new innovative techniques that can be used to enhance our scooters’ performance: automation, autonomy, reliability... They improve the mobile application and the IT system they made on a daily basis, in order for the scooter fleet to be permanently connected and available for renting. Digital & Customer relations experts: The team strive to make the customer experience as satisfying as possible before, during and after your ride, while making sure the service can be used by the greatest number of people. You can contact them using the application to ask anything you might think of or to share your feedbacks and suggestions!

Devoted Cityloopers: They go to every corner of the city relentlessly to watch over the scooters and make sure they stay clean and available. Do not hesitate to solicit them, they will assist you if you ever need it!

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