Exposant : Ecov


Ecov co-develops with users what is the new public transport.

Short-range carpooling can be a reliable, efficient and affordable system of public transportation, particularly in peri-urban and rural areas. If long-distance carpooling has seen exponential growth in recent years thanks to web platforms (Blablacar), the several local carpooling apps and websites created in the past few years have yet failed to mobilise a substantial number of drivers. Their digital-only approach is furthermore unsuitable for peri-urban and rural areas where the Digital Divide is a reality. Our solution is different from other carpooling services because it offers both digital and roadside physical interfaces. Using connected street furniture/roadside connected hardware, our carpooling stations enable drivers passing by to participate and offer their free seats with no effort.

The presence of hardware also helps institutionalizing, organizing and securing the practice

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