Transdev is a major player in public passenger transit, transporting 10 million passengers in nineteen countries every day. Its mission is to offer a complete range of efficient, sustainable solutions, with the capacity both to closely meet individual requirements and to serve the needs of the community.
At the heart of cities and regions, Transdev designs, deploys and operates integrated mobility solutions combining all modes of transportation – including mass transit, TOD, road, rail, and water – by associating innovative services which make passengers’ daily lives easier. Transdev heads up a portfolio of diversified, complementary transport modes such as trams, bikes, buses, shared cars, rail, long-distance coaches, subways, and ferries – the backbone of its status as an industry reference on a global scale.

At a time when mobility is undergoing profound changes in terms of communities, technology, and energy, Transdev Group comes up with the solutions to move mobility forward and reinvent public transit. In particular, it wholeheartedly supports the development of intermodal transport, which involves using several modes of transportation quickly, smoothly, and efficiently for a given journey, dedicated to all passengers (urban, paratransit…). As a pillar of an innovative, revolutionary vision of transportation, the emerging multimodal model brings opportunities and bolsters competitiveness in many areas, such as the energy transition, making best use of public funds, regional development, quality of life, technological progress, independence and choice for travellers, planning, and passenger information.

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